About us

Chikankari- an art . a lifestyle is the brain child of budding entrepreneur and fashion designer Pratishtha. Being from the city of Nawabs, and a professional Fashion Designer, she started using this age old art of embroidery from Lucknow  in creating modern clothing lines- ethnic Indian as well as modern western wear. The art of Chikankari involves passion and patience of the artisans. The vision of the designer clubbed with the skills of the artisans’ results in the rich taste created to reflect the lifestyle.

At Chikankari- an art. A lifestyle, our focus is to revive and flourish the age old art of hand embroidery which once flourished under the rule of Mughals. In the tough socio-economic scenario, Chikankari, as an art is now limited to a very few families. In the modern age where machines have taken over the craftsmanship, we at Chikankari- an art. A lifestyle, help craftsman by ensuring that their true value is appreciated and delivered to them leading to more and more families getting back to their traditional business of crafting this beautiful  piece of art.   

Chikankari- an art . a lifestyle  started in the year 2010 as a small Boutique. Passion for “MY OWN CITY  WORK “and liking for “CHIKANKARI”, led the designer create new clothing experience for the discerning customers who had a class & taste.  Today, Chikankari offers you a wide range of personal Clothing, Lifestyle clothing, Home style products and Accessories. With more than 50 Artisans working with and for Chikankari-an art. A lifestyle, we feel proud to present  the age old art of embroidery in modern avatar to reflect the rich lifestyle of our patrons.  For more details please read “ALL ABOUT CHIKANKARI”